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Residence Supervisor - St. Thomas Unviersity

updated on 1:55 PM, August 27, 2018
Province: Fredericton, New Brunswick
Position: Residence Supervisor
Deadline: September 11, 2018
Posted: August 27, 2018

Job Description / Duties

The Residence Supervisor is a full-time professional position that delivers programs and services that build community, facilitate learning, and support student wellness. Reporting to the Residence Manager of Residence Life, the Residence Supervisor supervises teams of Residence Coordinators and Residence Assistants and works collaboratively as a member of the Student Services and Residence Life team. Residence Supervisors participate in an after-hours on-call rotation and, are provided with a furnished on-campus apartment and a meal card.

-Establishes and maintains a positive residence community which supports and encourages academic success, personal growth and development.
-Is the first point of contact for Residence Advisors (RA's) and House Committee members to provide direction, support, and information.
-In consultation with the Residence Manager, recruits, hires, and provides supervision and performance reviews of Residence Life team members and provides ongoing training for Residence Coordinators (RC's), RA's and House Committee members.
-Keeps up to date files on all aspects of residences, including the immediate handling of room changes, Residence Council, and other relevant information.
-Performs a variety of administrative tasks as needed to ensure all relevant information is properly documented and distributed.
-Maintains a strong presence within the residence community including attending house functions and events.
-Chairs bi-weekly Residence Council meetings to handle all programming proposals, judicial concerns and disciplinary appeals.
-Assists in preparing residence information packages for various mail-outs to both future and current students throughout the year.
-Provides opportunities for ongoing orientation and community building initiatives to increase residence student retention.
-Coordinates with other university departments/offices as needed.
-Liaises with UNB/STU Counselling Services and Student Health Centre.
-Liaises with parents and students considering living in residence and/or who have concerns about residence living.
-Works together with the Residence Life Team (including RA's, RC's, House Committees, and the Residence Manager) to promote a sense of community and deal with matters of mutual concern.
-Administers discipline and mediates disputes among residence students both expeditiously and fairly.
-Daily monitoring and reporting of any incidents, activities, and conditions in the residence community including facility repair.
-Works with RC's to ensure that house programming operates at a high quality and consistent level while monitoring the needs of the students in residence.
-Reports unsafe conditions, damages, and maintenance issues to Facilities Management or Campus Security.
-Hires, trains, and supervises conference centre student staff and provides advice and counsel as required.
-Is available for on-call duties, which includes taking calls from RA's and RC's with questions on protocol, providing assistance in residence, and maintaining a presence in residence as required.

Working Conditions:

-Regular office hours with occasional need to work evenings and weekends, which can cause a disruption to personal life. Be readily available to the RA's and RC's regarding direction, assistance, and support.
-Live-in status can cause significant disruption to planned activities due to crisis management and intervention.
-On-call status can cause disruption to personal life.
-Regular need to pay close attention to students' needs and concerns and to interact with parents/guardians regarding same.

Qualifications / Required Skills

-An undergraduate degree.
-Leadership experience in a residence environment or equivalent.
-Experience supervising others.
-Experience with residence programming considered an asset.
-Exceptional organization skills and ability to use relevant computer software programs such as Microsoft Office.
-Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.
-Excellent crisis management and intervention skills.
-Emergency First Aid and CPR Certification.

Salary: Category A, Level 5, $35,887 - $49,470

Contact Information

Matt Sprague, Residence Manager

Employer Profile

St. Thomas University is an undergraduate, liberal arts institution with a full-time enrolment of 1,900. Its students graduate with Bachelor of Arts, Applied Arts, Education, and Social Work degrees. The faculty members are distinguished teachers, researchers and scholars, and the university holds two Canada Research Chairs.

St. Thomas University originated in 1910, when Basilian Fathers assumed responsibility for St. Thomas College in Chatham, New Brunswick. The college began granting degrees in 1934, was renamed St. Thomas University in 1960, and relocated to Fredericton in 1964. St. Thomas now has 109 full-time faculty, and 12 buildings, several of which have earned architectural design awards and make the campus one of the most renowned in Canada.

St. Thomas is the only university in Canada wholly dedicated to the study of the liberal arts. A liberal arts education provides a broad base of knowledge and specialized skills that prepare students for a limitless list of careers or post-degree programs. Students gain a unique perspective from more than 30 academic disciplines as they choose from courses in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, sciences, and interdisciplinary fields. According to the National Survey of Student Engagement (2014), STU students rate faculty significantly higher than do their Maritime or Canadian counterparts while 91% rate their first-year experience as excellent or good and 91% would attend STU again.