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Our conference planning team is working hard to secure all of our social events throughout the conference. We are working diligently to ensure that we are able to provide a conference experience that gives all of our members the opportunity to do the following:

1) Network & Build Relationships!

We want our conference to be an opportunity where members from throughout the association are able to continue to build strong relationships with everyone in OACUHO. Our conference socials will prioritize opportunities for members to be able to expand their networks, build new relationships and of course have an opportunity to connect with old friends and colleagues.


2) Experience Trent!

Our conference planning team is excited to be able to showcase our campus and our community. For this years conference, our planning team is looking intentionally at how we can showcase our beautiful campus and everything that Peterborough has to offer. We hope to share with you all that we have come to know and love about Trent and our broader community.


3) Have Fun!

Lastly, what is a conference without the fun. For this year’s conference we hope to create an atmosphere where all of our members are able to engage in learning and have fun as they do it.