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Meet Our Corporate Partners

The firms listed here are supporters of OACUHO and our members. As an organization, we are grateful for their ongoing support.

Please take the time to learn more our Corporate Partners and discover how the products and services they offer may benefit you and your institution.


 Foliot Furniture

Celebrating over 25 years of experience, Foliot Furniture has grown into one of the most well-known residence hall furniture manufacturers in North America. Built to exceed the industry's highest standards of quality, durability and while offering smart, long-lasting designs, Foliot Furniture has furnished over 500,000 rooms throughout North America.









A comprehensive outbound document management platform for small to medium businesses. Quadient Impress automates your entire customer communication workflow and provides the flexibility to send transactional documents via any combination of channels - print, digital or outsourced.










Campus Linens of Canada is a division of parent company Heritage Decor Inc.  Campus Linens provides dorm room bedding and other linens to students at universities and colleges across Canada.