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OACUHO’s Commitment to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion  

Past, Present & Future  

The values of equity, diversity & inclusion are integral to our work in student housing. There is, however, an increasing desire for more substantive anti-oppressive outcomes regarding real and lasting change within our student and professional communities. In support of OACUHO’s commitment to equitable & inclusive practices, a group of our members are taking steps towards drafting a ‘Strategic Imperative’ that will act as a companion document to particular elements of the 2020-23 OACUHO Strategic Plan focused on support, accountability and measurability. OACUHO’s Strategic Imperative for Anti-Racism & Indigenous Sovereignty will serve as a call to action for our members with the distinct purpose of moving from words to action as it relates to our key strategies of education, knowledge management and membership engagement.  

This Strategic Imperative is seen as a continuation of the seminal and comprehensive collection of voices regarding the lived experience of our BIPOC members contained in OACUHO’s 2018 Ethnic Diversity Report (led by Jenny Tabar, Ife Kolade, Carmen Law and Dirk Rodricks). Although white dominance and the lack of visible diversity within our field is widely recognized, this work sought to answer key questions related to the experiences of our members who identify with under-represented groups and provided a space for voices which too often go unheard. The recommendations from this report serve as the groundwork as we continue to demonstrate tangible progress regarding the ways in which we as leaders within the Association, and on our campuses, can continue to dismantle barriers, hold space and leverage our power to make change. 

We are tremendously thankful for the various voices that continue to contribute to this work through our ongoing consultations & conversations as we recognize that this work can be vulnerable, uncomfortable and deeply challenging. As we look to take next steps in this process, we invite interested members to contribute to their ideas through the survey below as we aim to finalize and circulate this strategic imperative for distribution in May 2021. 

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The OACUHO Board of Directors is committed to directing resources & energy toward addressing oppression and injustices in our experiences as professionals as well as our work to support students. Our approach to this work is intersectional, intentional and directed - and we will continue to keep our members updated regarding progress. If you are interested in contributing further or getting more involved in this work, please reach out to info@oacuho.com to learn more. 


Ethnic Diversity in OACUHO - Executive Summary

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