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How to Renew Your OACUHO Membership

Only the Primary Contact Member for each institution is able to renew membership. As the Primary Contact Member you’re responsible for providing OACUHO with your institutions membership lists. We've designed our site to make this process as simple as possible.

To update memberships you always need to be logged in. So keep the login and password you’ve been sent stored somewhere safe. As soon as you log in, you will see your membership status. If it's time to renew, you will see a "Renew Now" button. 

Once logged into the site click the link "My Profile", located at the top right of your screen. This page allows you to update your profile, add members to your account, edit members, and delete members 

When you're finished, the system will email a notification to your institution`s members that they have been added/renewed as members for your institution.

Congratulations, you've successfully renewed and updated your OACUHO membership!