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Beyond the Binary Network


The Beyond the Binary Network aims to gather together people who are, Transgender, Non-Binary, 2-Spirit, questioning their gender, or any other Genderqueer identities, to connect with each other and share in gender based dialogue about; decolonization, community building, sharing knowledge, and celebrating identity.

Goals Listed:

  • Letting people talk to other T, 2S, NB people (connecting with each other)
  • Sharing experiences with each other
  • Sharing positive strategies for inclusivity in their work place and school
  • Bringing visibility to the greater OACUHO network

Learning Goals

The learning goals focus on the connections staff have with each other and with their own institutions. Our priority is to create spaces where staff are welcome in OACUHO so that they ultimately feel as though they matter, are included, and are supported in their expressions of gender. When staff participate and actively engage, they will intentionally act for the betterment of their wellbeing. The sense of belonging fostered through having a network of gender diverse colleagues from across the association will create a space for safety and inclusion in their profession.

Furthermore, a learning goal specific to Indigenous Awareness and decolonization has been created in order to celebrate, welcome, and learn from the spectrum of indigenous and global gender identities that have been silenced through colonization. A focus on better understanding issues which impact Indigenous people in Canada will contribute to creating a safe space for indigenous identities, and promote allyship with a goal of creating initiatives that foster positive and systemic change towards truth and reconciliation.

Lastly, we strive to create presence within OACUHO for our community. Through visibility and advocacy on trans rights related issues within the field of post-secondary housing, our aim is to empower our professional community to be leaders in creating safe spaces and opportunities for authentic gender expressions.

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