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Residence Life Coordinator - York University

updated on 6:59 AM, May 18, 2021
Province: Toronto, Ontario
Position: Residence Life Coordinator
Deadline: May 31, 2021

Job Description / Duties

Job Summary – CPM (Confidential, Professional and Managerial Employees)

Position Title: Residence Life Coordinator Job Code:950982
Reports To: Assistant Director, Residence Life CPM Salary Grade: D
Faculty/Department: Residence Life

In advancing the Division of Students’ vision as ‘Partners in Student Success the Residence Life Coordinator is primarily responsible for the day-to-day management of residence support staff, educational initiatives, community development, student behaviour, and support in the undergraduate residences. The incumbent develops and promotes activities that support student development and student life objectives at York University. As a front-line manager, the Residence Life Coordinator supervises the day-to-day activities of the residence staff ensuring that they deliver excellent service and support to the residents.

This is a live-in position and requires the incumbent to be available on weekends and evenings and to be on-call 24 hours on a rotational basis.

Residence Life
• Pro-actively contributes to student success fostering personal growth and leadership development.
• Works with colleagues to create a safe, inclusive, and welcoming residence environment.
• Supports and advises student residence councils and residence committees.
• Administers residence life programs.
• Develops programming and guides student staff and volunteer programming efforts.
• Submits regular written reports documenting developments in residence including incidents, key issues of concern, student and staff conduct, as well as programs and activities.
• Advises the Assistant Director, Residence Life on matters of policy and contributes to the development and implementation of policies.
• Participates in regular meetings with the Residence Life team and the Assistant
Director, Residence Life.
• Maintains relevant files necessary for the operation of the residence life program.
• Attends to all necessary preparations for the opening of the residences and the start of the year in conjunction with Housing Services as appropriate.
• Attends to all necessary details relating to the closing of the residences and end-
of-the-year activities, in conjunction with Housing Services as appropriate.
• Keeps assigned communication channels (e.g., websites and social media) up to date.

Student & Campus Community Support
• Participates in a rotating 24-hour professional staff on-call system.
• Maintains regular hours in the office for drop-in availability to students and staff.
• Responds to emergency and crisis situations (e.g., accidents, mental health crisis,
sexual violence reports/disclosure, medical emergencies, extremely disruptive or
destructive behaviour, assaults, criminal activity) notifying the Assistant Director,
Residence Life and other University personnel as appropriate.
• Acts as a resource person to students in cooperation with other residence staff
and makes appropriate referrals (academic, financial, personal, etc.).
• Ensures that all residents are informed of emergency procedures shortly after their arrival.
• Maintains a presence in the community and makes an effort to know residents.

College Life & Student Engagement
• Actively promotes opportunities for student engagement in College Life including
academic, educational, and co-curricular programs offered by the College Office.
Where applicable promotes student engagement opportunities for other student
populations in residence, such as York University English Language Institute
students and international students.
• Works collaboratively with the College Head to develop residence programs that build strong connections with the College and with students’ academic disciplines.
• Participates in meetings of the local college and/or staff responsible for programs involving other student populations living in residence. Contributes to the development of initiatives to engage residence students in College Life and/or other program-specific student engagement opportunities.
• Maintains regular communications with the College Head and/or staff responsible
for other student populations in residence with an aim to building links between
Residence Life and the College and/or other programs housing students in residence, coordinating programming efforts and responding to students’ needs
in a seamless fashion.
• Fosters amongst residents, appreciation for the benefits of engagement in their
College community.
• Establishes collaborative relationships with College Council and Faculty student
governments to support orientation, move-in, and initiatives throughout the
academic year.

Community Relations
• Promotes community relations within the residence.
• Handles student conduct issues and critical incidents coordinating with the Office of Student Community Relations (OSCR). Educates students on the Code of
Student Rights and Responsibilities (The Code).
• Liaises with Housing Services on issues relating to staff selection, residence applications and placements, and facilities issues.
• Participates in various committees within the Division of Students and the broader
University community as designated by the Assistant Director, Residence Life.

Human Resources
• Recruits and hires Dons, Porters, program delivery staff, and others for residence(s) in collaboration with the Assistant Director, Residence Life.
• Develops training programs for residence staff.
• Participates in the development of other student leadership positions.
• Evaluates and manages job performance of residence staff. Conducts
Performance Management meetings and disciplines residence staff when
• Regularly meets with residence staff to discuss operational issues.
• Follows up with residence staff regarding required reporting and documentation.

• Manages and controls Residence Life Activity and Administration Fee operating budgets.
• Manages special project budgets.
• Authorizes Dons and other program delivery staff expenditures for residence life and special project programming.
• Accountable for monitoring expenditures and ensuring budgets are adhered to.
• Completes budgets, forecasts, and reconciliations utilizing appropriate software and applications.

Health and Safety
• Be familiar with the OHS Act and Regulations and University health and safety
procedures as they apply to the workplace and their responsibilities as a
• Demonstrates familiarity with applicable language as defined within collective
• Ensures that safety workplace procedures required by management are in place,
understood by staff and are adhered to.
• Inspects work areas for actual or potential hazards on a regular basis and advises
staff about these hazards.
• Ensures protective devices assigned to staff are properly used and maintained.
• Ensures only authorized and qualified staff operate equipment or machinery.
• Provides input on the development and implementation of guidelines and
procedures in the residences to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of
students in residence.

Special Projects
• Undertakes research and manages residence life-related special projects.
• Develops timelines, critical milestones, resources, and budgets for projects.
• Ensures that projects meet defined objectives.

Other Duties as assigned
• May assist with student recruitment activities.

Qualifications / Required Skills

A. Educational Requirements:
University undergraduate degree with preference given to a graduate degree in a related field of study (i.e. education, social work or psychology) or equivalent combination of education and experience.

B. Experience Requirements:
Residence Life training, with 2-3 years related residence life leadership experience, preferably in a post-secondary setting, with exposure to a broader student life perspective. Experience with supervision, human and financial resource management, and crisis intervention is preferred.

C. Skills (Specialized knowledge):
Excellent communication (oral and written) skills; initiative; ability to work independently and in a team; excellent organizational skills; excellent interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity; conflict mediation, superior problem solving, and crisis management skills; knowledge of student development and leadership theory or other related theories; strong understanding of post-secondary residence and campus life; strong leadership, coaching, and team-building skills in order to foster an environment of trust and collaboration; demonstrated commitment to excellence and proven ability to achieve results; effective analytical and research skills, balanced with innovative thinking. Proficient with MS Office Suite (i.e. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and email applications. Experience with eReports, databases, and residence life applications is an asset.

Demonstrated commitment to the values of creating student success: Care, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Innovation, Excellence, and Inclusion.

D. Additional Requirements:
This position requires the candidate to produce a verification of degree(s), credentials(s), or equivalencies from accredited institutions and/or international equivalents at the time of interview.

Additional Information

The University welcomes applications from all qualified individuals, including, but not limited to women, persons with disabilities, visible minorities (racialized), Indigenous Peoples, and persons of any gender identity and sexual orientation. York University is committed to a positive, supportive and inclusive environment.

York University offers accommodation for applicants with disabilities in its recruitment processes. If you are contacted by York University regarding a job opportunity or testing, please advise if you require accommodation.

We are committed to enhancing our environmentally and socially responsible practices for the benefit of all members of the York community. Our long-term perspective recognizes our responsibility to be innovators and to continually work as a community to reduce our ecological impact.

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PLEASE NOTE: Applications must be received by 11:55 pm EST on the posted deadline date, if applicable.

Contact Information

Debbie Hansen

*Interested applicants need to go through York's HR website to apply.