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updated on 6:44 AM, June 6, 2021
Province: King City , Ontario
Position: Residence Life Coordinator
Deadline: June 18, 2021

Job Description / Duties

Position Summary and Job Magnitude

In addition to the Residence Life Coordinator’s (RLC) other operational duties, the RLC is responsible for the operation and organization of the local properties Residence Life services. The RLC is responsible for ensuring that academic and social programming is occurring in the residence. The RLC supervises and directs the activities of the Residence Advisors (RA) and Residence Council (RC). The RLC also sits on the hiring board for and recommends hiring or release of Residence Life Staff.

Essential Functions and Basic Duties

Programming/Student Involvement
• The RLC shall see to the development of Program Models based on both the standards set forth by Campus Living Centres (CLC) and the RLC’s affiliated institution. This may include but is not limited to a monthly/yearly program calendar and insuring that all types of events (active, passive, social and academic) are well balanced.
• The RLC shall ensure a SOS program is present.
• The RLC shall help to promote a Monthly awareness program within the residence.
• The RLC shall implement a Residence Rewards program.
• The RLC shall continually follow through and up with suggestions given by students in the posted suggestion box. The RLC shall also post the students suggestions and responses from the RLC/ Staff in a centralized location.
• The RLC shall take initiative to fundraise for both the Residence Life Department and the Student Handbook
• The RLC shall implement and follows through with Orientation Development.
• The RLC shall work with the Residence Life Staff to create and distribute a monthly newsletter or communication piece for the students.
• The RLC shall ensure that the Residence Life Staff are creating an educational bulletin board once per month and are maintaining and updating all bulletin boards regularly.
• The RLC shall review Property Event Request Forms (PERFS), evaluations and waivers to ensure they are properly completed. The RLC shall also make sure that PERFS are filed in a binder and are approved through all proper channels.
• The RLC shall approve any advertising used for events/ programs etc. to guarantee they use appropriate messages and images.
• The RLC shall conduct an Evaluation on the Program Model and do any further Research and development to the Model to keep it current.
• The RLC shall be familiar with Invoicing, Ordering and Program Admin.

Administration/Human Resources
• The RLC shall participate in the hiring and recruitment of Residence Life Staff.
• The RLC shall administer Performance Evaluations for Residence Life Staff.
• The RLC shall be responsible for the scheduling of Residence Life Staff.
• The RLC shall track all appropriate paperwork (Incident Reports, Events, Student Suggestions, Roommate conflicts, etc.).
• The RLC shall keep record of any agendas used for or minutes taken at any meetings including SOS meetings, Forums, Residence Life Staff meetings, Floor Meetings, etc.
• The RLC shall have a working knowledge of the Incident Report (IR) Database along with knowledge of current users and access levels.
• The RLC shall hold meeting when required with Residence Life Staff and students.
• The RLC shall be aware and accountable for certain financial responsibilities including budget tracking, receipts and fines.
• The RLC shall plan and implement a move in procedure.
• The RLC shall be aware of Demographics and statistics concerning such regarding their institution and surrounding area.
• The RLC shall develop a relationship with corporate to ensure proper communication and administration within the Residence Life Department. The RLC shall also solicit help from corporate with such items as Posters, Move out Adverts, Student Forms, Staff Clothing, etc.

• The RLC shall develop staff outings and incentive programs and that all paperwork is properly completed.
• The RLC shall be a member of the social committee and help with development on programs and activities.
• The RLC shall effectively construct a training outline for Evacuation/Lockdown training, IR Training (Database and report writing) Emergency Procedure Training, and ensure that Professional Development Training is occurring.
• The RLC shall act as the building Fire Captain and in such be immensely familiar with the cities fire codes and the buildings fire plan.
• The RLC shall ensure that the Training standards are met for all Residence Life Staff including First Aid/CPR, Crisis Intervention, Alcohol Awareness Training, Etc.
• The RLC shall be set up or administer a campus tour and orientation for the Residence Life Staff.
• The RLC shall administer Building Tours as apart of Property Specific Training. There after the RLC shall ensure that all Residence Life Staff are doing rounds of the building on their scheduled shifts.
• The RLC shall implement recognition programs for the Residence Life Staff.

• The RLC shall use the IR Database to consistently follow-up with any incidents that occur in
their residence.
• The RLC shall proceed with disciplinary actions in a fair consistent and equitable process. This includes but is not limited to appeals, issuing of disciplinary notices, and follow up with disciplinary actions.
• The RLC shall verify that all reports of discipline and follow-up reports are in the students file and filled out properly.
• The RLC shall ensure that the camera system is available and functioning properly.
• The RLC shall implement and maintain procedures regarding; Guest sign in, fire code, sanitary conditions, building rounds removal of prohibited items.
• The RLC shall verify that all safety equipment is in working order such as: radios, First Aid Kits, Extinguishers, Gloves/Masks, etc.

• The RLC shall check the property RLC e-mail account and use such as a form of communication. This account should be used for; sending the monthly event calendar to corporate, the General Manager of the property and any institution contacts that require the information. Sending out Event forms to corporate, the General Manager of the Property, and any other as directed. Update reports, daily e-mails to Residence Life Staff and responses to questions, comments and/or concerns.
• The RLC shall ensure that the Residence Life Staff are meeting all duties and responsibilities.
• The RLC shall check and respond to messages left on the Residence Life Voicemail.
• The RLC shall ensure Residence Life Staff is using the Logbook as a form of communication and that all staff are initialing once they have read an entry.
• The RLC shall hold and take attendance at weekly meetings with Residence Life Staff.
• The RLC shall review, post and/or distribute and minutes and/or agendas from Residence Life Staff meetings.
• The RLC shall keep an accurate account of all reports as directed pertaining to rounds, safety reports and general tracking.
• The RLC shall make the residence event calendar available to all students via handout, website, bulletin board, etc.
• The RLC shall communicate building related notices, parking information, maintenance notices, changes in housekeeping schedule and general announcements to the appropriate parties.
• The RLC shall communicate and Residence Life staffing changes to corporate, the General Manager of the property and to the Residence Life Staff.
• The RLC shall constitute a residence forum.
• The RLC shall assist communication from the institution by having, maintaining, and updating an institution board in the residence.
• The RLC shall create an emergency contact posting and or binder.
• The RLC shall have the operational hours and contact information for the Residence Life Staff available for students

Networking/Relationship Building
• The RLC shall maintain and grow membership’s internal and external relationships. This can include OACUHO, College committees/offices (student services, student federation/association, athletics, international department, etc.), BACCHUS/Student Life Company, Reslife.net, Breakaway Tours, Etc.
• The RLC shall connect with contacts within the local community such as local businesses, emergency services (Fire, Police, EMS), Regional Health Services. The RLC should also have a binder with all of the contacts in it for use by Residence Life Staff.
• The RLC shall keep in contact and network to build relationships within Campus Living Centres at both the corporate and property levels.

Student Marketing
• The RLC shall post pictures from residence events
• The RLC shall advert, design and provide content for the student handbook.
• The RLC shall attend Institution open houses, work with the liaison offices, and develop residence promotion.
• The RLC shall give input on the website and brochures to ensure that they are appealing to the students and are kept up to date.
• The RLC shall facilitate tours of the residence for students and their parents/ guardians.
• The RLC shall implement sponsorship letters and develop a sponsorship program.
• The RLC shall create a program to give students the information regarding the pros and cons of living on and off campus.

Housing Management
• The RLC shall assign rooms and upgrade students with special circumstances and allowances.
• The RLC shall mediate any room changes and roommate conflicts.
• The RLC shall have an up to date knowledge of the In house room inventory.
• The RLC shall assist in the semester transition.
• The RLC shall address concerns regarding maintenance and housekeeping.
• The RLC shall have first hand knowledge with and be involved in the mail out information package and residence acceptance.
• The RLC shall address any staff concerns regarding students and any student concerns regarding staff.
• The RLC shall assist with conflict mediation regarding staff and students.

General Responsibilities
• The RLC shall ensure the Residence Life Office is clean, secure, equipped with supplies (i.e. Computer/printer) and is in an effective and accessible location.
• The RLC shall ensure storage of supplies, marketing materials, and will order any supplies when notices a shortage.

Health & Safety
• Requires employees work in the manner and with the protective devices, measures and procedures required by the OHSA, regulations and Campus Living Centres (e.g. wearing safety shoes, confining hair, jewelry or loose clothing around moving parts, etc).
• Ensures employees are advised of and trained on the existence of any potential or actual danger to their health or safety of which the supervisor is aware.
• Ensures every precaution reasonable in the circumstances is taken for the protection of an employee.
• Supports a safe work environment that is free from any violence or harassment.
• Reinforces and demonstrates a positive “health and safety” attitude and working climate and holds information sessions with staff on health and safety issues.
• Develops an effective working relationship with JHSC members and supports their role.
• Performs informal workplace inspections daily and formal workplace inspections quarterly, including staff observations.
• Makes every reasonable attempt to resolve any employee health and safety concerns.
• Conducts effective Incident Investigations and reviews all forms, ensuring these are discussed at management meetings.
• Corrects any substandard or unsafe acts or any unsafe conditions and informing superiors of concerns
• Ensures that a maintenance program for any equipment and machinery in the workplace is carried out.
• Implements emergency plans when necessary and ensures that employees have been properly trained to comply.
• Regularly evaluating employee performance and providing periodic feedback with respect to health and safety.

Performance Measurements

Performance will be primarily measured on the following factors:
• Performance Objectives
• Initiative
• Inter-Personal Skills
• Leadership
• Business & Financial Acumen
• Communications
• Self Development and Appraisal
• Health & Safety Responsibilities

Qualifications / Required Skills


Recognized College Diploma or University Degree

Must possess superior verbal and written communication skills
Must possess above average customer service skills
Must possess superior attitude towards learning
Must be able to handle multiple projects at once
Must be able to provide strong leadership to staff

Experience Required:
Minimum of 1 year industry or related experience is a must

Additional Information

It is Campus Living Centres policy to promote equal employment opportunity for all applicants and employees. Campus Living Centres does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, marital status or sexual orientation.

Campus Living Centres prohibits the harassment of any individual on any of the grounds listed above. This applies to all areas of employment including recruitment, hiring, training and promotion. If you require accommodation in order to successfully submit an application, please email us to make your accommodation request at careers@campuslivingcentres.com

Contact Information

Bailey Howell
Residence Life Manager