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Residence Life Coordinator - Niagara College - Welland - Campus Living Centres

updated on 12:53 PM, May 11, 2018
Province: Niagara - Welland, Yukon
Position: Residence Life Coordinator
Deadline: May 25, 2018
Posted: May 11, 2018

Job Description / Duties

The Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) is a live-in position responsible for the overall quality of living, within their assigned student residence(s). The RLC is responsible for the implementation of academic & social programming, staff development, student development, community development, and building administration & management. The RLC also participates regularly in company-wide program and initiative development, as part of Campus Living Centre’s Residence Life department.

Essential Functions and Basic Duties

Administration and Building Management

* Coordinate the opening and closing of the residence(s) during appropriate times (e.g., move-in, move-out, winter break, etc.).

* Oversee occupancy management of assigned residence(s).

* Manage all aspects relating to the Residence Life Office. This includes, but is not limited to, supplies, cleanliness, and access.

* Monitor departmental spending and manage budget.
Departmental Responsibilities

* Maintain the property social media account(s).

* Liaise and support institutional recruitment efforts with a focus on promoting on-campus living.

* Connect with contacts within the local community who support student development, such as local businesses, emergency services, and regional health services.

* Maintain regular communication with the Property Support Residence Life Team (Director/Associate Director, Residence Life & The Student Experience).

Crisis and Incident Management

* Serve as part of the departmental rotation of on-call managers.

* Be familiar with and follow the Campus Living Centres policies and procedures.

* Perform mediations and interventions as needed.

* Coordinate with outside agencies in response to crises.

* Serve as a conduct administrator for the assigned residence(s). This includes, but is not limited to, management of the incident report database, investigating incidents, and following up with student concerns.

Student and Staff Development

* Maintain visibility and presence within the assigned residence community.

* Develop an engaged and inclusive residence community by implementing the Community Development Model, leading a Residence Orientation, and implementing social and educational programming.

* Recruit, hire, train, evaluate, and mentor a team of Resident Advisors and/or Community Advisors.

* Create and deliver training sessions for the Residence Life Staff. These trainings include, but are not limited to the Residence Life Staff Training Conference and property training.

* Liaise, collaborate, and partner with institutional partners to support the needs of students.

* Support and provide guidance to the Residence Council. This includes, but is not limited to, aiding in elections, facilitating the creation of programs/events, or soliciting feedback for residence improvements.

Other Duties

* Develop and maintain internal and external relationships. This includes but is not limited to, institutional committees/offices, Campus Living Centres properties/Property Support, OACUHO, ACUHO-I, CACUSS, etc.

* Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications / Required Skills

Education: Recognized College Diploma or University Degree

Skills/Abilities: Must possess superior verbal and written communication skills;

Must possess above average customer service skills;

Must possess superior attitude towards learning;

Must be able to handle multiple projects at once; and

Must be able to provide strong leadership to staff.

Experience Required: Minimum of one (1) year industry or related experience

Contact Information


Should you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Dimple Savla - Associate Director, Residence Life & The Student Experience at dsavla@campuslivingcentres.com.