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Residence Life Conduct Assistant - Wilfrid Laurier University

updated on 12:07 PM, September 20, 2018
Province: Waterloo, Ontario
Position: Residence Life Conduct Assistant
Deadline: October 5, 2018
Posted: September 20, 2018

Job Description / Duties

Residence Life Conduct Assistant
Reporting to the Associate Director, Residence Life, the Residence Life Conduct Assistant is responsible for ensuring the effective and seamless support of students living in residence. Laurier prides itself on the quality of the experience we provide to students and the incumbent will play a key role in ensuring that students who require enhanced support or enter the residence conduct process are treated equitably and with the utmost respect. The incumbent will address some serious student conduct cases themselves or in conjunction with other members of the Residence Management Team, however their ultimate responsibility is for the overall efficient and effective allocation of resources throughout the student support or student conduct process. The Department of Residence operates on Laurier’s Waterloo and Brantford campuses and the incumbent will function and have responsibilities in this multi-campus environment, though will be based at the Waterloo Campus.

Administrative Duties
• Read, prioritize and assign all Incident Reports in Advocate to the appropriate Department of Residence staff member for follow-up.
• Works with the entire Residence Life Management Team to identify specific students who should be discussed at the Behavior Intervention Team (BIT)
• Prepares briefing materials for the Director, Residence as well as the Associate Director Residence Life on those students so they are well informed in advance of BIT.
• Coordinates follow-up with individuals discussed at BIT whether by the RLAC, RLM or themselves.
• Coordinates the Department of Residence response to complex cases with campus partners, including but not limited to the Dean of Students Office(s), the Student Wellness Centre(s) and Special Constable Services.
• Supports the Residence Life Co-ordinators and Residence Life Managers in the management of their caseload including taking on some complex cases that span across multiple areas.
• Ensures all parties involved complete that appropriate follow-up, including but not limited to campus partners, the department of residence and the student themselves.
• Acts as the primary administrator of the Residence portion of “Advocate” the campus conduct management system.
• Oversees the delivery and receipt of any conduct related financial charges or restitution for damages or cleaning.
• Receives and determine the appropriateness of all educational sanctions, such as our handbook quiz, reflection letters and determine if requirements for the sanction have been met.
• Runs quarterly reports and generate conduct related statistics to assess trends as well as evaluate key performance indicators such as recidivism.
• Creates an annual report detailing the overall levels of student conduct activity in residence
• Reviews staff documentation and reports to gather and decipher trends in student behavior
• Generates reports as needed to support department initiatives.

Student Conduct Administration
• Participates in weekly conduct meetings with the RLM’s and RLAC’s to understand and distribute cases from the previous week and identify high level or repetitive behavior.
• In conjunction with the RLM’s and AD Residence Life handle high level cases where the student involved may end up on probation or removed from residence.
• Acts as a resource for members of the Residence Management Team to consult about a student support or conduct related issue.
• Prepares case summaries and all relevant documentation for the Director, Residence or Dean of Students to hear student conduct appeals.
• Develops and implement educational sanctions that support the educational philosophy that underpins our approach to student conduct.

Staff Training & Support
• Assists with the development and delivery of on-going training programs for Department of Residence Staff relating to areas of expertise. Areas could include communication skills, student conduct administration & process, student support, using Advocate and crisis intervention.
• Works with campus partners to develop and ensure the delivery of educational sanctions and harm reduction strategies associated with alcohol, cannabis, fire safety and others.
• Trains and reinforce with all staff the importance of education in the conduct process, including the effective implementation and evaluation of educational sanctions.
• In conjunction with the Residence Education Unit, work to build further harm reduction and awareness events into our First Year Residence Experience (FYRE) curriculum.

Qualifications / Required Skills

• Completion of a bachelor degree in a relevant field, Masters degree in a relevant field considered an asset.
• Minimum of two (2) years of relevant professional experience in Residence Life, Student Conduct or Student Affairs
• Strong knowledge of student development theory
• Strong communication skills, both oral and written
• Training and/or a certificate in dispute resolution considered an asset
• Experience responding to mental health and illness, behavioral issues, anger management and drug and alcohol issues
• Strong understanding and ability to implement adult learning techniques
• Proven ability to work in a continuously changing organization
• Highly motivated and proven leadership ability
• Excellent organizational skills
• Ability to deliver training programs
• Demonstrated creativity, initiative, and an ability to complete tasks
• Ability to interact and communicate with all levels of the university community
• Demonstrated ability to make ethical and moral decisions

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Salary: $28.85 - $33.93

Contact Information

Clayton McCourt
Associate Director, Residence Life

Employer Profile

Residence Life at Laurier
The Department of Residence at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) is committed to creating safe, supportive living and learning environments that promote healthy student transition and academic success. The Department of Residence is comprised of four functional units; administration, facilities, residence education, and residence life. The Residence Life unit is committed to engaging students as valued members of the Laurier community, and is focused on creating opportunities for students to positively contribute to their own growth. Residence Life at Laurier has always been characterized by mutual respect, and works diligently to promote healthy and caring communities.