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Residence Education Coordinator - St. Paul's University College at the University of Waterloo

updated on 9:30 AM, June 9, 2022
Province: Waterloo, Ontario
Position: Residence Education Coordinator
Deadline: June 17, 2022

Job Description / Duties

Reporting to the Director of Student Life, the Residence Education Coordinator (REC) is primarily responsible for the coordination and implementation of programs and services that foster learning in the residence environment. This includes, but is not limited to, coordination of Living Learning Community, educational and wellness-based programs, and other experiential learning initiatives. The Student Activity Coordinator is responsible for enhancing leadership and engagement opportunities within the residence and broader St. Paul’s student community.

Job Tasks:

Coordination of programs and services related student learning initiatives

• Lead the recruitment and hiring of student-staff Peer Leaders for Living Learning Communities, in consultation with campus partners/stakeholders.
• Coordinate and execute community wide educational LLC and educational events.
• Provide feedback and suggestions on placement of LLC clusters and students within the residence.
• Liaise with campus partners to assist with marketing and recruitment activities, particularly Open House Days and tours.
• Provide program documentation outlining program goals, logistics, budget, and evaluation.
• Plan and execute events in collaboration with campus partners. This includes engaging with partners, purchasing supplies, booking/setting up rooms, and attending events.

Program assessment and evaluation

• Coordinate the collection of information to provide recommendations for program adjustments and enhancements (Peer Leader evaluations, event feedback, student feedback, etc.)

Supervision and student-staff development

• Effectively support Peer Leaders and other student-staff by providing day-to-day guidance, direction, oversight.
• Develop and coordinate the onboarding, training, and recognition for student-staff.
• Outline expectations and responsibilities with student-staff, ensuring that they are performing in accordance with their job expectations and the policies and values of the College.
• Provide ongoing feedback to student-staff in the form of performance conversations, coaching, and goal development.

Building partnerships

• Facilitate strong, positive working relationships within St. Paul’s, as well as with campus and faculty partners.
• Communicate regularly with stakeholders to share information.
• Identify and engage with opportunities for increase campus partner engagement.
• Participate in and contribute to regular team and College wide meetings and initiatives.
Work with Residence Life Staff to foster a residence environment that creates and promotes opportunities for student growth and development, utilizing a student-focused, student-learning approach.

Special projects and related duties

As a small institution, staff are often required to take on other projects or activities that directly the support a strong sense of community. Our learning model considers fostering a sense of belonging, promotion of student wellbeing, and participation in extracurricular activities. Common additional projects and duties for the Residence Education Coordinator will relate to these additional components.

Collaborating with other St. Paul’s staff, these projects and duties might include, but are not limited to:

• Supporting training and development of other student-staff roles (Dons, Front Desk assistants, etc.)
• Planning and implementing community-wide activities to foster a sense of belonging and community.
• Planning and implementing wellbeing activities.

Qualifications / Required Skills

Work conditions

St. Paul’s is primarily in-person; however, the role has a high degree of work flexibility based on the activities that are planned. It is expected the REC will maintain availability during regular hours of operation either in office or virtually.

The REC will work irregular hours including evenings and weekends with on call responsibilities.

• 1-3 year experience in residence life programming and event planning

• Undergraduate degree

• Demonstrated ability to work independently towards team goals
• Knowledge of the first-year experience and student transition theories
• Skills in event planning and facilitation
• Ability to create and facilitate presentations, training workshops, and groups

Additional Information

St. Paul’s University College offers accommodation for applicants with disabilities in its employment recruitment processes. If you require accommodation during the recruitment process, or require an accessible version of a document, please contact stpcareers@uwaterloo.ca.

Salary: $41,983 - 61,037

Contact Information

Steve Prentice

Employer Profile

St. Paul’s University College is a secular institution affiliated with the University of Waterloo. All our students are University of Waterloo students. St. Paul's provides residence to approximately 330 undergraduates as well as 110 apartments and suites for graduate students and their families.

St. Paul's provides teaching for the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Environment in International Development Studies, Human Rights, Indigenous Studies.