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updated on 11:28 AM, January 2, 2019
Province: Ottawa, Ontario
Position: Residence Community Standards Coordinator
Deadline: January 14, 2019
Posted: January 2, 2019

Job Description / Duties

The Residence Community Standards Coordinator (RCSC) is responsible for the administration of student conduct and community standards in residence, contributing to a safe, inclusive and enriching student experience. The RCSC is responsible for the development and implementation of the residence conduct process that supports student growth and development in accordance with Campus Living Centres’ core values, as well as student staff training and development with regards to student conduct and the Residence Community Living Standards. The RCSC is also responsible for the implementation of academic & social programming, staff development, student development, community development, and building administration & management. The RCSC participates regularly in company-wide program and initiative development, as part of Campus Living Centre’s Residence Life department, managed by the Director/Associate Director, Residence Life & The Student Experience.

Essential Functions and Basic Duties

Student Conduct Administration

Establish and maintain a working relationship with Security Services as it pertains to certain investigations and collaborating in the management of residence cases involving the College student conduct process.
Facilitate the successful resolution of student conduct reports through either formal or informal means, and with student participation.
Provide advice to students of options, resources and supports available to them, and their particular rights and responsibilities within the College and Residence conduct processes.
Assist in the oversight of Residence Community Living Standards (RCLS) and Student Residence Agreement (SRA) violation investigations conducted by residence life staff.
Assist in procedural issues that arise through the course of an investigation and provides guidance on such matters.
Research and develop restorative practices to be implemented as part of the student conduct process in residence.
Assist the General Manager and the Residence Life Manager and/or the Director, Residence Life & The Student Experience with the development and ongoing improvement of the Residence Community Living Standards to be submitted to the Director, Residence Life & The Student Experience.
The incumbent will, on a yearly basis, provide a report outlining an overview of the year and future recommendations for the upcoming academic year.
Gather all appropriate documentation to be provided to the General Manager, Residence Life Manager to be submitted to the Director, Ancillary Services when a student submits an appeal.
Compile information for further review by the General Manager, Residence Life Manager, and/or Director/Associate Director, Residence Life and the institution, which relates to repeated violations or a serious breach of the Residence Community Living Standards that could place the continued residency of the student(s) in question.
Monthly, the incumbent will gather statistical data related to student conduct within Residence. This data will be used to assess current trends and challenges.
Design, coordinate, facilitate, and deliver workshops and/or meetings designed to be educational sanctions for students.
Crisis and Incident Management

Coordinate with outside agencies in response to crises.
Respond to complaints of misconduct and apply a variety of dispute resolution techniques to resolve the complaints including, but not limited to, mediation, informal and formal resolution.
Be familiar with and follow Campus Living Centres’ policies and procedures.
Be familiar with and follow the Algonquin College policies and procedures.
Assist the Residence Life Manager and/or residence life team in dispute resolution and mediation in dealing with interpersonal conflict with residents, including intervening with escalated conflicts.
Manage the residence conduct management system. This includes, but is not limited to, supporting and training Residence Life Coordinators in conduct management, and organization of the incident report database.
Responsible for overseeing the effective use of the Campus Life Module in StarRez. while continually evaluating the system and providing recommendation to the General Manager and Residence Life Manager for improvements.
Collect and maintain accurate records and ensure confidentiality of all judicial process related matters, including investigation notes, incident reports, and behaviour contracts.
Liaise with Algonquin College Security Services and/or local authorities on specific cases of student misconduct to ensure consistency, information sharing and timeliness in all incidents that impact student conduct and community standards on campus and in residence.
Ensure natural justice and due process is adhered to in the investigation and adjudication of complaints under the RCLS and SRA.
Student and Staff Development

Research and remain current on trends, developments and changes related to student conduct and student issues. Monitoring of practices, trends and new initiatives at other universities and colleges is necessary.
Create and deliver training sessions for the Residence Life Staff. These trainings include, but are not limited to, the Residence Life Staff Training Conference and property training.
Assist in the Recruitment, hiring, training, evaluation, and mentorship of a team of Resident Advisors and/or Community Advisors.
Create and deliver quality programming and education to enhance resident understanding of their rights and responsibilities as residence community members.
Develop and implement alcohol and drug awareness initiatives with a focus on prevention and harm reduction.
Partner with appropriate College services and residence staff in providing safety and security related programming within the Residence Community.
Maintain visibility and presence within the residence community at large.
Develop an engaged and inclusive residence community by implementing the Community Development Model, contributing to the Residence Orientation program, and implementing social and educational programming.
Liaise, collaborate, and partner with institutional partners to support the needs of students.
Other Duties

May be required to be relief for the members of the On-Call rotation based on the needs of the operation. This would not exceed twice per semester.
Develop and maintain internal and external relationships. This includes but is not limited to institutional committees/offices, Campus Living Centres’ properties/Property Support Team, professional associations (e.g., OACUHO, ACUHO-I, CACUSS), etc.
Liaise and create partnerships with various campus departments to enhance the student experience.
Maintain open communication with the Property Support Residence Life Team (Director/Associate Director, Residence Life & The Student Experience) as it pertains to high level judicial cases and students at risk.
Other duties as assigned.
Health and Safety

Require employees work in the manner and with the protective devices, measures and procedures required by the OHSA, regulations and Campus Living Centres (e.g. wearing safety shoes, confining hair, jewelry or loose clothing around moving parts, etc.).
Ensure employees are advised of and trained on the existence of any potential or actual danger to their health or safety of which the supervisor is aware.
Ensure every precaution reasonable in the circumstances is taken for the protection of an employee.
Support a safe work environment that is free from any violence or harassment.
Reinforce and demonstrates a positive “health and safety” attitude and working climate and holds information sessions with staff on health and safety issues.
Develop an effective working relationship with JHSC members and supports their role.
Perform informal workplace inspections daily and formal workplace inspections quarterly, including staff observations.
Make every reasonable attempt to resolve any employee health and safety concerns.
Conduct effective Incident Investigations and reviews all forms, ensuring these are discussed at management meetings.
Correct any substandard or unsafe acts or any unsafe conditions and informing superiors of concerns
Ensure that a maintenance program for any equipment and machinery in the workplace is carried out.
Implement emergency plans when necessary and ensures that employees have been properly trained to comply.
Regularly evaluate employee performance and providing periodic feedback with respect to health and safety.

Performance Measurements

Performance will be primarily measured on the following factors:

Inter-Personal Skills
Customer Service
Skill & Knowledge
Quality of Desired Results
Adaptability & Flexibility
Organizing & Planning
Overall Performance

Qualifications / Required Skills


Recognized College Diploma or University Degree or combination of education and in industry-related experience


An understanding of student affairs administration, specifically in Residence Life, conduct management and restorative justice practices;
Experience managing judicial processes;
Experience in judicial and/or supportive case management
Highly developed oral and written communication skills;
Ability to work in fast-paced environment and solve complex student, and administrative problems;
Demonstrated creativity, initiative and an ability to complete tasks;
An ability to interact with all members of the institution community
Must possess above average customer service skills;
Must possess superior attitude towards learning;
Must be able to provide strong leadership to staff.

Experience Required:

Minimum of (2) years of experience in a professional Residence Life, Student Affairs or related field position (e.g., Social Work, Child and Youth Work, Community and Student Development, Social Services Work, etc.).

Additional Information

Equal Opportunity Employer
It is Campus Living Centres policy to promote equal employment opportunity for all applicants and employees.
Campus Living Centres does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, national origin,
ancestry, age, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, marital status or sexual orientation.
Campus Living Centres prohibits the harassment of any individual on any of the grounds listed above. This applies to all areas of employment including recruitment, hiring, training and promotion.

If you require accommodation in order to successfully submit an application, please email us to make your
accommodation request at careers@campuslivingcentres.com


Base pay and other compensation are dependent on location, level, function, and a number of other factors.

Our benefit program provides our employees with a comprehensive plan designed to give you and your family peace of mind. You should not have to worry about things like your health, and we will do whatever we can to help. Some of the benefits offered include:

Comprehensive Drug and Medical Coverage
Dental Insurance Coverage
Vision Care Plan
Company-Sponsored Retirement Plans (RPP)
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Education Assistance Program
Comprehensive Campus Living Centres Training

Salary: *See Additional Information

Contact Information

Brittanie Walker-Reid
Residence Life Manager

Algonquin College Residence & Conference Centre |1385 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa ON, K2G 1V8
Tel: 613.727.4723 ext. 2285 |bwalkerreid@algonquinresidence.ca



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Employer Profile

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