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Director, Student Residence - University of British Columbia

updated on 1:26 PM, May 4, 2022
Province: Vancouver, British Columbia
Position: Director, Student Residence
Deadline: May 15, 2022

Job Description / Duties

This leader is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the residential experience of 14,000 (2022) students in residence at UBC Vancouver.

The Director is accountable for leading and managing the strategic and operational plan for residence life, front desk services and residence administration for 15 residential communities. As a senior member of the Student Housing and Community Services (SHCS) team and a strategic colleague in the Vice President Students portfolio, the Director identifies key student life issues and opportunities for SHCS and provides advice and counsel to the senior management team and campus partners and external consultants for issues ranging from build design, to contract management, to living/learning programs, to crisis response and management, and student success.
The primary purpose of this position is to optimize environments that support student success for those living in residence. This position leads and directs the Residence Life, Front Desk and Administration teams in designing the program, policies, practices, systems, and approach to achieve high standards of student learning, student development and support, service to students, and risk management. Specific functional areas of direct responsibility include: residence life, front desk services, occupancy management including residence admissions and assignments, related marketing/communications, crisis management and cross campus liaison and coordination. This position is responsible for the effective management of departmental resources generating revenue in excess of $140 million dollars annually and directly impacting the reputation of the University for prospective domestic and international students, their families and alumni.

Reports to the Associate Vice President, Student Housing and Community Services. The Director directs the activities of professional and support staff through subordinate associate directors and managers, and is responsible for the overall direction and functioning of 425 management, unionized and student staff. Works directly and collaboratively with the Director, Facilities and Building Services, the General Manager of Conferences and Accommodation and the Director of Food Services; and closely with other senior SHCS and UBC personnel.

1. Determines vision and develops an integrated operational work plan to develop outstanding living/learning communities for students. Integrating the functions within the area of responsibility to ensure high levels of service to students and the University; specifically delivery of service admissions, assignments, front desk services, and residence life functions along with developing a strong integration with the divisions of Facilities and Building Services, Conferences and Accommodations and Food Services.
2. Advances the University's goals and strategic vision through departmental goals, with specific attention on the impact of student recruitment, retention, safety and satisfaction. Collaborating with academic and student service colleagues in the development of excellent programs and services to students.
3. Leads and manages a team that is responsive to student and organizational needs and is committed to service excellence and a culture of care that supports student learning and success. Leads a team and rallies forces to focus on the student experience, build community and relationships between students, and facilitate university resources to improve student success. Pays particular attention to the development of intercultural and diverse communities, strong systems of student governance, and conflict resolution between residents.
4. Provides strategic leadership to critical incident and crisis response management, including liaising with campus partners, external emergency, health agencies and family members when appropriate.
5. Manages a budget of $9.1 million dollars (2022-23)
6. Determines and implements changes to departmental operating policy: ensures that admissions policies and practices remain current and adhere to legal principles; residence life policies support a safe and secure home for students; operational practices are sensitive to intercultural differences and create a welcoming environment for students.
7. Oversees the development and implementation of systems related to occupancy management including the application/assignment process and its effective interface with residence life and front desk services.
8. Oversees and provides administrative direction to the counsellor in residence division. Collaborates with Counselling Services for the provision of clinical supervision to the counsellors.
9. Establishes, promotes and regulates residence standards of conduct. Oversees residence eviction procedures as required.
10. Directs and oversees the residence life judicial system in response to Residence Contract (conduct) violations, toward ensuring a positive living/learning environment consistent with University goals.
11. Directs and oversees residence satisfaction assessment initiatives. Implements changes to improve the quality of programs and services. Identifies issues and determines systemic changes to policies and procedures needed to accomplish departmental goals.
12. Directs and oversees occupancy management including the forecasting and management of cyclical processes to effectively steward departmental resources, including the management of special populations. Ensures collection and analysis of data to forecast application, offer, acceptance and assignment cycles, to accurately inform related departmental decisions.
13. Reviews records of requests or complaints from students or the community and ensures systems and protocols are implemented to provide proactive, resident-focused service.
14. Oversees and establishes standards for all marketing materials related to properties managed by the department, with the objective of maximizing occupancy and promoting student learning and success. Determines key marketing messages.
15. Oversees the development and facilitation of appropriate development and training programs for staff.
16. Recruits, trains, motivates, coaches, supervises, evaluates, disciplines, and terminates staff employment as required. Employee representation includes 2 unions and a professional association. Ensures compliance with UBC and UBC Student Housing and Community Services HR standards and procedures.
17. Participates on University and related committees as required.
18. Supports the Associate Vice President, SHCS with special studies, projects, and committees as required.

This position is responsible for strategic planning related to the development, growth, marketing and delivery of the overall residence experience at the University and the strengthening of the University's reputation on national and international levels. This position is responsible for the development of policy and procedures to ensure a safe, secure, caring and respectful environment for over 14,000 students, including the managing of student crisis and critical incidents. Poor judgment or failure to maintain policies and standards could result in poor public relations, loss of prestige, loss of property or injury to residents, loss of life, legal liability for the department and the University, or a loss of revenue. Inability to determine and achieve goals and vision would directly impact the ability of the department and University to support its mission effectively.

This is a self-directed position working with a significant level of autonomy. Reports to the AVP, Student Housing and Community Services.

Directly supervises 6 Associate Directors Residence Life (Residence Life, Counsellors in Residence, Residence Admissions/Administration, Residence Front Desk Services) and 1 Administrative Assistant. Through subordinate managers and supervisors is responsible for 15 Residence Life Managers, 1 Manager Residence Life Projects, 2 Managers Residence Life Administration, 1 Manager Front Desk Operations, 7 Residence Front Desk Service Coordinators, 3 Assignment Coordinators, and approximately 380 service staff.

Qualifications / Required Skills

Master’s degree in a relevant discipline. Minimum of ten years of related experience with experience in area of specialization, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

• Direct experience in college/university residence life / housing / student affairs.
• Proven strength in developing and implementing an annual operational plan for a large and complex operation.
• Proven organizational, supervisory, administrative, problem-solving abilities.
• Strong leadership and management for professional staff.
• Excellent communication skills essential (verbal, written; one on one, in a group, large presentations).
• Ability to motivate groups and individuals.
• Demonstrated ability to collaborate with various areas of the University.
• Strong financial and budget understanding.
• Experience managing the development of communication plans.
• Capacity to manage risk and crisis situations.
• Ability to function and manage effectively in crisis situations and to identify and manage risk.
• Ability to work in an environment that is fast-paced, constantly changing and that is characterized by multiple and often competing interests.
• Knowledge of relevant legislation, i.e.: BC Residential Tenancy Act, Freedom of Information Act, Employment Standards, WCB regulations, etc.
• Ability to respect and advocate for diverse perspectives, including perspectives in conflict with one’s own.
• Proficiency at navigating ambiguity, complexity and change.
• Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to navigate difficult and complex conversations with students, faculty, and staff.
• Ability to collaborate across difference and work through conflict.
• Substantive knowledge and ability to participate comfortably in discussions on equity, diversity, and inclusion using current discourse.
• Nuanced appreciation of how historic forms of prejudice and oppression (e.g. racism, sexism, colonialism, etc.) shape the everyday experiences of people in workplaces.
• Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate and interact with empathy, understanding and, respect of diverse and divergent perspectives and behaviours.
• Actively seeks to understand the climate of reconciliation in Canada and at UBC and its relationship with UBC’s commitment to inclusion.
• Proactively promotes a culture of equity, inclusion and diversity while providing strong leadership for staff.
• Utilizes an inclusive leadership style to develop and support staff across the Student Residence unit and creates and supports initiatives that empower employee engagement and development.
• Works with SHCS Human Resources to set the standard and cultivate and maintain a culture of respect in the workplace, recognizing the value of diversity within the team that reflects our community.

Additional Information

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Salary: $123,289 - $192,634

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Questions about this position?
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