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Assistant Dean of Student and International Initiatives - University of Toronto Mississauga

updated on 10:39 AM, July 7, 2021
Province: Mississauga, Ontario
Position: Assistant Dean of Student and International Initiatives
Deadline: July 13, 2021

Job Description / Duties

Reporting to the Dean of Student Affairs, the Assistant Dean of Students & International Initiatives provides strategic leadership, management and direction to three University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) student service departments: the Department of Student Housing & Residence Life, the International Education Centre, and the Centre for Student Engagement. With a comprehensive understanding of the myriad developmental and learning challenges encountered by students in their university years, the Assistant Dean of Students & International Initiatives establishes collaborative partnerships and innovative programs to enhance the student experience at UTM. The incumbent provides leadership across campus departments to coalesce community development programs at UTM, and works toward the continuing development and delivery of a comprehensive first-year experience and learning community for all students at UTM.

The Assistant Dean of Students & International Initiatives, in partnership with the University of Toronto’s central Centre for International Experience (CIE), will advance the University’s provision of international and Canadian opportunities for students to experience global citizenship through student exchange programs, study-abroad programs, international work placements or brief courses conducted abroad; and to encourage international students to study at UTM. Furthermore, the incumbent assists with the development of strategic plans for international recruitment, actively fosters new international institutions and partners, continually builds relationships with current and potential partners’ educational programs and non-degree training activities, executing strategies as appropriate and analyzing their effectiveness. The incumbent is further responsible for ensuring that international learning opportunities and supports are available to all students at UTM. The incumbent will play a leadership role for the campus in the development of these opportunities for work, research and study abroad, liaising with academic partners to ensure that the experiences, wherever possible, are reflected appropriately in the academic transcript and/or co-curricular record. The incumbent will also organize international delegation visits for prospective and current partner institutions, and coordinate campus safety abroad policies, training, and issues management in partnership with the CIE.

The incumbent will develop, implement and oversee a broad student affairs research & assessment plan to enhance the institution’s understanding of the student experience at UTM. The incumbent holds primary responsibility for the assessment of programs that support student development and engagement, and coordinates professional development for members of UTM’s Student Affairs & Services division in this regard.

Qualifications / Required Skills

Graduate University degree, including studies in student affairs administration, business, or other related disciplines; or acceptable combination of education and experience.

• Minimum of 7 years of experience providing service to a diverse population of university students;
• A commitment to diversity and inclusion as an integral component of a quality university experience, coupled with knowledge of current issues around access, equity and success for a diverse student population.
• Proven ability to develop, monitor and evaluate organizational plans;
• Experience planning and managing an extensive ancillary budget;
• Demonstrated achievement in promoting the continued learning and development of professional and student staff;
• Extensive business and service development experience and demonstrated ability to build strategic partnerships with on- and off-campus constituent groups;
• Demonstrated use of assessment tools and research techniques (qualitative and quantitative) to explore issues of student learning, development and satisfaction
• Experience interpreting building codes, tenancy legislation and other applicable regulations;
• Experience in production of written material for publication and in public speaking;
• Demonstrated project management skills;
• Project management experience in a university setting;
• Current knowledge of the developmental, learning and transition needs of university students;
• Proven record of professional leadership and experience working within various institutional governance structures.
• Experiencing supporting internationalization initiatives and/or international development, preferably at a post-secondary institution or Proven knowledge of best practices in internationalization and international student support.
• Good multi-disciplinary knowledge of the principles of planning, design and construction of complex building types and experience with construction cost-control are assets;

• Excellent oral and written communication skills;
• Strong analytical skills including financial and operational analysis;
• Understanding of financial planning and accounting principles and effective budget management skills.

• Organizational, administrative and managerial skills including the ability to lead and supervise staff in a multi-union working environment;
• Ability to deal with sensitive and confidential issues;
• Ability to interpret and apply a broad range of institutional policies and procedures;
• Awareness of and commitment to principles of health & safety and risk management;
• Strong dedication to promotion of diversity and inclusion in both the working and living environment;
• Crisis intervention and emergency response skills, including the ability to make complex decisions under extreme pressure.

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