Calendar of Events

OACUHO Fall Week

9:00 AM Oct 19 - 4:00 PM Oct 23, 2020

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OACUHO is proud to present our first ever Fall Week.

Throughout the week we will be offering a variety of sessions presented to you by our membership.


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OACUHO Fall Week Program Overview 


BIPOC Meet and Greet

Monday, October 19, 11:00AM-12:00PM

Savannah Sloat (University of Toronto), Kamadchi Karunanandan (University of Waterloo) and Rachel Cabunoc (Western University)

This session will provide an opportunity for self-identifying Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Colour to connect across the association. This will be the first in a series of meetups for the forthcoming BIPOC Network. We would like to hold a dialogue to understand the needs of BIPOC members and to create an effective space for connection and professional development.


Mental Health impacts of COVID-19: Panel discussion

Monday, October 19, 1:00PM-2:00PM

Brian Cunha (Moderator; University of Toronto), Amika Shah (University of Toronto), Jason Summers (Queen’s University), Julia Martini (University of Waterloo) and Bianca Anderson (University of Toronto Mississauga)

One of the major concerns we have about navigating this pandemic is it’s affects on the mental health of our residents and staff. We are bound to Public Health guidelines but many of these guidelines are contradictory to how we’ve built community and how we support those community members. Join Brian Cunha and his panelists: Amika Shah, public health, mental illness, and higher education scholar; Jason Summers, Residence Counsellor; Julia Martini, Case Support Coordinator; and Bianca Anderson, Residence Education and Transition Coordinator as they discuss virtualizing mental health care, looking at mental health care at a population level, and individual level in our residences.


Developing EDI Training for Student-Staff

Tuesday, October 20, 9:30AM-10:30AM

Savannah Sloat (University of Toronto)

Using the newly redesigned Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion training at UofT as a case study, this session will provide a thorough understanding of how to (re)develop EDI training for student-staff. Participants attending this session will be able to identify key outcomes for EDI training; review the process for development, implementation, and assessment; and find strategies to apply this to their own institutional contexts.


COVID-19 Focused Break-out Groups

Tuesday, October 20, 1:30PM-3:00PM

Megan Lambe (University of Waterloo), Jennifer Daines (Carleton University), Shawn McCracken (Trent University), Daniel Brisebois (University of Guelph), Melissa Pratt (Wilfred Laurier University), Stacey Phelps (University of Waterloo) – with more to come!

Pre-registration is required for this session.

Connect with colleagues from OACUHO to discuss the ways in which COVID-19 has impacted various aspects of housing, including student-staff hiring, marketing residence operations, programming and residence education, facilities operations and conduct practices. Each session will be facilitated by a lead(s) and participants are encourage to submit questions or potential discussion points ahead of time via the registration form.


Test your Knowledge! Membership Social

Tuesday, October 20, 3:30PM-4:30PM

Membership Engagement Committee

The Membership Engagement Committee will be hosting a virtual trivia event as an afternoon social for our members to connect. All you will need is a smile and an electronic device. Registration is not required and feel free to drop by.


Virtual Community Building Round-Table

Wednesday, October 21, 10:00AM-11:00AM

Marina Pereira and Hayley McNamara (University of Guelph), Sean Beaudette, Katie Fitzgerald and Adam Moniz (McMaster University), Simone Schwartz (University of Ottawa)

Join three institutions as they discuss newly implemented virtual offerings designed to engage and support students:

  • Gryphon’s Nest: With the massive global shift we are all experiencing, we were faced with questions we never thought we would ask and needed to innovate Residence Life. Gryphons Nest is a project between Student Housing Services and multiple campus partners at UoGuelph that aims to bring the same level of support, connection and engagement students would have in the physical residence environment to the online setting. Click on this link for a bit more information about the project until we meet on October 21st!
  • Archway: Archway is a new support initiative at McMaster that works with all incoming first-year students from the day they are accepted through the end of their first year. Students are connected with an Archway Coach and Mentor who will take the time to understand their goals and what they want out of their McMaster experience. This team will connect with students throughout the year to make sure they are connected to the right information, resources, and fellow students to make their year a success.
  • Virtual Residence: The University of Ottawa’s Virtual Residence is an initiative open to all current students regardless of year of study or geographic location. Students participating in the experience are assigned to a virtual community hosted by a Community Advisor and supported by a Residence Life professional staff. The virtual communities mimic their in person counterparts through monthly events, community meetings, virtual common rooms, and an online support chat feature. This experience is a way to redefine connection, leverage peer interactions, and bridge access to supports and services to help student succeed, even without stepping on campus.


From Ethnic Diversity Project to Strategic Mandate: Context and Consultation

Wednesday, October 21, 12:00PM-1:00PM

Brian Cunha (University of Toronto), Chris Lengyell (Western University), Savannah Sloat (University of Toronto), Jennifer Tabar (University of Waterloo) and Rachel Cabunoc (Western University)

In 2018, OACUHO released the Ethnic Diversity Report which captured the experiences of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) individuals in our white-dominated field. Since then, OACUHO has continued the conversation, consultation and research on this topic but now it is time to develop a clear and direct strategy. Join board members Brian Cunha, Chris Lengyell, Rachel Cabunoc, author of the Ethnic Diversity Report, Jenny Tabar, and Project Coordinator, Ethnic Diversity Project in OACUHO Savannah Sloat as they launch OACUHO’s strategic mandate. All are welcomed and encouraged to join this important session.


Meet and Greet for New and Experienced Professionals

Wednesday, October 21, 3:00PM-4:00PM

Membership Engagement Committee

Stop by our virtual Meet & Greet to meet other folks who are new to the field or have been working for housing for 3+ years! Our Membership Engagement committee will run a few icebreakers and create opportunities for members to meet each other!


Annual General Meeting

Thursday, October 22, 10:00 - 11:30AM

Pre-registration is required for this session.


Advanced Members Call

Thursday, October 22, 1:00PM-2:00PM


Boys Won’t Be Boys: Addressing Toxic Masculinity in Residence

Friday, October 23, 9:00AM-10:00AM

Daniel Brisebois (University of Guelph)

For years the phrase ‘boys will be boys’ has been viewed as an adage and was used as a way to dismiss a young man’s inappropriate behaviour. This adage has gone on, in some cases, to perpetuate a culture of Toxic Masculinity. This presentation will explore Toxic Masculinity as a culture as well as review promising practices and educational initiatives on how to engage your campus community to end cultures of Toxic Masculinity and GBV by being an educator and an ally.               


Seven Months In: Senior Housing Officer Panel on Student Housing during COVID-19

Friday, October 23, 12:00PM-1:00PM

Brian Cunha (Moderator; University of Toronto), Glen Weppler (University of Waterloo), Chris Alleyne (Western University), Chad Nuttall (University of Toronto Mississauga), Laura Storey (Carleton University) and Jen Coulter (Trent University)

The past seven months has changed nearly every part of how we operate in Student Housing. While we have been able to adapt, there are still so many unanswered questions about the future. How will this pandemic affect our field in the long term? How can we continue to innovate our practices to ensure we keep our staff and students safe? What should we be doing now to prepare? Join Brian Cunha and Senior Housing Officers from across Ontario as they share their thoughts, worries, and predictions of what’s to come during this uncertain time.