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Our theme this year is 2020 vision! Here is a bit more information about it:

In Student Housing Services, we focus on being proactive in our approach in residence life. As leaders, it is important that we are creating a clear path to success by being forward thinking and anticipating the larger trends that 2020 may hold for us in housing. In our 2020 Vision, we are asking delegates to look ahead to innovate the residence experience for our diverse groups of students. Together, we are looking ahead to provide clarity into what 2020 will look like by exploring new ways of thinking, forming relationships, and developing new skills. In doing so, we are creating a lense in which individuals can see new ways to develop diverse and inclusive communities, create new supports for students and staff, and define what it means to be a leader within residence in the year 2020.


As we focus in on the year ahead of us, we encourage you all to come into the conference being adaptable and open to new opportunities. Our goal is to have you leaving inspired and confident that you are ready to develop your own vision for the upcoming year. By thinking future-orientated and thinking ahead we can create and navigate a clear 2020 Vision.