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Opening and Closing Keynotes


Opening Keynote: Dr. Mike DéGagné, President & CEO, Indspire 

Mike DeGagné, President and CEO of Indspire, will be joining our OACUHO conference on June 22nd, delivering a keynote address highlighting the organization's work with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students from across Canada. He will be sharing stories from students who have been funded by Indspire, discussing their educational journeys and the various needs for support that exist for all students during their post-secondary studies. As the first Indigenous President at a Canadian university, Dr. DeGagné will share experiences and insights from his time at Nipissing, specifically the role that housing and housing officers play in helping students feel at home and supporting their success. 


Closing Keynote: Sajel Bellon 

Sajel Bellon (Ed.D, CTSS) is an Occupational Stress and Trauma Specialist and Mental Health Professional. She is a professional speaker who specializes in the sciences of well-being, human connection, positive transformation and growth for individuals and organizations. Bellon has developed and delivered programs around the globe for a variety of postsecondary institutions and organizations, educating and inspiring others about the benefits of “Co-Creating Cultures that foster Psychological Safety and Connection”, “The Permission to be Human” and “Whole Systems Thinking for Extraordinary Change” to help organizations and families redefine their approach to mental health and its stigma.