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Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Steven Barei (Manager, Information Systems), Raquel Gavey (Manager, Residence Building Operations), Denise Nacev (Manager, Continuous Improvement) & Brittany Reifenstein (Manager, Continuous Improvement)

In 2017 McMaster’s Housing & Conference Services started their Continuous Improvement journey. We conducted department-wide training and initiated a series of cross-functional projects to demonstrate the intentionality of this shift in mindset and how we approach our work. Join us as we share why we started down this path, what it looks like for us and to learn about some of the exciting improvements we've made related to facilities and IT.



Residence Education, the Curricular Approach, and Assessment CoP

Laura Mammone (Supervisor, Residence Education – University of Toronto Mississauga) & Dillon Arruda (Residence Manager, Student Learning – Wilfrid Laurier University)

Join Laura Mammone (UTM) and Dillon Arruda (Laurier) as a showcase is presented on the learning goals and outcomes associated with Laurier’s educational priority and its pathway to creation. The focus will be on essential elements #2 and #3 as part of the ten essential elements of the curricular approach and the theoretical foundations utilized within Laurier’s education plans. A group discussion will take place afterwards to learn more about common challenges, questions, and processes that others utilize in the implementation of a curricular framework within housing. If you are working on the launch of a curricular approach, it is also strongly encouraged that you attend the CoP September meeting as well! The October meeting is open to all and the CoP will continue to review the 10 essential elements throughout the year.



BIPOC Network Meeting

Savannah Sloat (Coordinator, Equity & Inclusion – OACUHO)

The Black, Indigenous, and Racialized Staff Network was established to provide self-identified housing professionals with an opportunity to discuss issues of identity and social location that intersect with their work. These are designed as community gatherings that develop connections among members who may feel isolated at their home institutions and provide them an opportunity for dialogue, understanding, and solidarity. Participation is open to any association member that self-identifies as a Black, Indigenous, and/or Racialized person, including those who are multi-racial.



Peter George Centre for Living & Learning Facilities Tour

Bobby Abali (Manager, Residence Maintenance), Chris Eley (Manager, Residence Life), Raquel Gavey (Manager, Residence Building Operations)

In the Fall of 2019 McMaster University opened The Peter George Centre for Living and Learning (PGCLL), a 14-storey, 335,000 square foot building. PGCLL was envisioned as a multiuse building that provides academic space, a Student Residence (350 bedrooms areas for student life and activities, a community kitchen and laundry facilities), a Student Wellness Centre, hospitality space, underground parking, and dining facilities. Residence Life and Operations staff will conduct a tour of these facilities and highlight how a multiuse building provides both opportunities for synergies that better meet student needs while also creating unique operational challenges.



Gender-Based Violence Education & Response Panel Discussion

Melissa Steadman (Associate Director, Residence Education – Western University), Wil Prakash Fujarczuk (Manager, Sexual Violence Prevention Education, McMaster University) & Daniel Brisebois (Assistant Director, Residence Life & Education – Trent University)

Come join this panel discussion showcasing strategies and conversations happening on three different campuses about Gender-Based violence. Panelists will share lessons learned, their role in relation to this topic and take questions from the audience.



Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals Living in Residence

Jamie Dickson (Manager, Admissions & Administration – McMaster University, Jennifer Greene (Manager, Residence Life – Wilfrid Laurier University)

This session will explore what the Residence Admissions accommodation processes are with respect to with Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals in residence. How were these developed and implemented? What is working and what has been learned?



Varsity Booster Clubs: Building Community and Relationships Through Sports

Presenters: Elizabeth Fletcher & Steve Prentice (United College at the University of Waterloo)

In 2017, United College started the first Booster Club at the University of Waterloo in support of the Women’s Varsity Basketball team. Booster Clubs provide fan support and fundraising for athletes. This session will highlight how the Booster Club was conceived and implements as well as challenges and considerations. Ultimately, the Booster Club has positively shaped and fostered school pride within the residence community while providing tremendous benefits for the athletes!