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Flourishing in the New Normal. Being Well and Doing Good

Theresa Blake, M.Ed., CAPP, Director of Positive Education at Appleby College


Theresa Blake, M.Ed., CAPP, is the Director of Positive Education and is responsible for increasing faculty capacity to foster student wellbeing through theory and practice of Positive Education. Her appointment follows a very successful career as a secondary school teacher, during which time she taught Mathematics, Sciences and French as a Second Language, and has served in many different leadership capacities including Department Head of Languages, Director of Senior School and Director of Social and Emotional Learning.

As Director of Positive Education, Theresa is involved in and oversees the development, implementation, and monitoring of Positive Education at Appleby College, one of Canada’s top independent schools, by ensuring that principles of Positive Education and Social and Emotional learning are embedded across the school’s academic and non-academic programs in an intentional and integrated manner to optimize student wellbeing.

Other educational experiences Theresa has enjoyed being a member of an Assessment and Evaluation Policy writing for the Halton District School Board (Ontario, Canada), leading student global experiential education trips to Japan, Morocco, and Costa Rica. Theresa has also shared her expertise and passion for Second Language Learning and Wellbeing Education at various conferences around the world through Canadian Accredited Schools Association, Teachers Association of Boarding Schools, World Leading Schools Association, Institute of Bilingualism/Canadian Second Language Teachers Association at the University of Ottawa, and The University of Monash, Australia. Moreover, she is a contributing author to Positive Leadership for Flourishing Schools (book).