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OACUHO 2023 Spring Conference

9:00 AM May 23 - 5:00 PM May 26, 2023

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Welcome to the 2023 OACUHO Spring Conference – Building Better Together

Building  Better Together emphasized our shared  commitment as housing  professionals  to continuously  focus on how  we can work together to build  better and better experiences and environments for everyone we serve.

For the 2023 Spring Conference, our hope is that our theme will resonate with to all members of OACUHO, regardless of the functional area  that they may represent. Through  focusing on Building Better Together, we will focus on how we can all build better experiences, services, and processes collaboratively with one another. At the conference, we hope to be able to engage all our members on how we are currently Building Better Together as an  association through  highlighting the work that our member institutions.  Each year our institutions contribute towards the growth and development of our field through developing new residence buildings, expanding our student offerings, designing  new policies and procedures and revisioning how we can best engage our students throughout all areas of our operations.

We are excited to welcome everyone to Trent’s campus and continue to have conversations on how we can all continue to Build Better Together!






Cancellations received by the OACUHO office before April 28 2023 are eligible for a full refund.
Cancellations received after April 28 2023 are non-refundable.
Substitutions can be made until April 28, 2023.

Changes can only be accommodated until May 5, 2023.