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NPTI 2021

9:00 AM May 17 - 5:00 PM May 20, 2021

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Unmute Yourself 2021 is a 4 day learning experience for professionals new to the world Housing and Residence Life. It is an opportunity to connect with others within their first years of the field while learning from experienced leaders from across different functional areas. This year the conference is being hosted virtually by the OACUHO board with support by professionals from across the region.  

Unmute is a phrase we hear often these days. When looking at NPTI 2021, we want our new professionals to continue to find their voice while learning theory and practice that will give them a foundation to move forward into the world with confidence.

Unmute Yourself 2021 will be taking place from May 17th to 20th 2021. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to attend NPTI?

This year due to delays with the COVID-19 Pandemic, NPTI is open to new professionals in the housing field within their first 3 years of work. 


What is the format of the conference?

The conference will be hosted on PheedLoop. There is a combination of learning and social sessions. 


Do I need to work in Ontario to attend?

No! This year as we are a virtual conference we have the opportunity to welcome folks from all over Canada. 


Do I need to be working at the time of the conference?

No, if you are in-between contracts/jobs you are still able to attend. 


Can I attend if I have attended before?

NPTI is designed to be a one time experience so if you have attended in the past you should not attend as a delegate.


Do I need to attend all sessions?

NPTI follows a curricular plan through the whole conference so you are asked to attend all sessions. 


Is there a delegate limit?

There will be a cap of 60 people and there will be a waitlist. 


Can spots be saved?

You may register place holders but by the end of the registration period, you must have people in place. 


What is the cost for NPTI 2021?

It is $50 for members / associate members and $100 for non-members. OACUHO is dedicated to the learning and development of new professionals; we understand that this year has been difficult for a variety of reasons, scholarships for NPTI are available by emailing info@oacuho.com