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Beyond Cultural Competence: Anti-Oppression Essentials for Student Housing Professionals

March 27, 2020, 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Presented by Alderwick & Associates

Ontario’s population is rapidly growing and becoming more demographically diverse, with higher education institutions reflecting this reality. The role of management in a Residence Life setting is critically important in reflecting institutional values and shaping the experiences of the students and student staff who are part of the residence community. At the same time as post-secondary institutions are emphasizing the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion in strategic plans and frameworks, there is a growing diversity of students with a multitude of lived experiences and identities who are pursuing higher education and choosing to live in residence and work on student staff teams.

The 2018 Report on Ethnic Diversity in OACUHO points to this shifting reality and highlights the need for housing professionals to expand their set of competencies and breathe life into values like ‘inclusion for all’; to go beyond ‘identity management’; beyond intercultural competence; and to lead the way for others. Anti-oppressive practice, anti-racism and allyship competencies are management essentials to meet the existing and emerging needs within student housing environments.

Beyond Cultural Competence is a full-day workshop that takes an in-depth look at some of the challenges and opportunities related to supporting increasingly-diverse student populations in residence contexts. Through interactive small and large group activities, discussion, video and role-playing, workshop participants will:

  • Identify the three faces of oppression operating within student residential contexts
  • Make connections between identity, social location, power and privilege
  • Create a brave space to engage others in critical conversations
  • Apply organizational assessment instruments and create a plan of action to be taken on one’s home campus


NOTE: Coffee and light snacks will be provided at breakfast, and a lunch will also be provided.



Cancellations must be received by 5:00 pm on Friday March 20 2020 in order to qualify for a full refund. Refunds will not be issued after that date. Substitutions are permitted until 5pm on Wednesday March 25 2020.



SAlderwick.jpgSTACEY ALDERWICK, Principal of Alderwick & Associates, has been providing education, conflict management and strategic planning services since 2001.

An Adult Educator, specializing in anti-oppression, anti-racism, equity and inclusion, Stacey creates meaningful, interactive and experiential learning environments. As an inclusion educator at the University of Toronto and the University of Guelph, she innovated many workshops and enjoyed collaborations with Residence Life staff and other work units.

Stacey is an experienced mediator, facilitating dialogue, problem-solving and other interpersonal processes with patience, skill and authenticity. She is also a Restorative Justice facilitator with Correctional Service Canada, supporting people who have been affected by serious and violent crime to work through the impacts and articulate their needs.





JSanchezCacnio.jpgJARRED SANCHEZ-CACNIO, Associate Trainer with Alderwick & Associates, has been providing education and training around anti-oppressive practices within Student Affairs since 2015.

Jarred is an experienced facilitator, utilizing principles of anti-oppression and feminist perspectives within their direct work with students and has delivered sessions focused on sexual violence prevention and consent, anti-racism, homophobia and transphobia, and other topics that touch on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Jarred is currently in the role of Sexual and Gender Diversity Advisor at the University of Guelph, and prior to this was the Equity and Inclusivity Advisor at Ontario Tech University.


An important note on this event: As we are hiring consultants to develop and facilitate this workshop, there are significant costs associated with the event. Accordingly, we have had to set a minimum requirement of 40 registrants in order to go forward with the event, to ensure its feasibility. Our facilitators have agreed to this arrangement, understanding that OACUHO is a non-profit association. As such, if we have not hit 40 registrants by March 5, 2020, we will communicate this to all registrants and offer a full refund.