Meet the OACUHO Board

The Board of Directors is made up of elected individuals who are members in good standing. They represent the diverse needs of the membership and meet approximately 8-10 times throughout the year to work on the business of the organization.


Chad Nuttall

Manager, Student Housing Services

Ryerson University


Member at Large

Alysha Ferguson

Residence Experiential Learning Coordinator

Wilfrid Laurier University


President-Elect / Finance Director

Laura Storey

Director, Housing

Trent University


Communication Director

Matt Waghorn

Residence Manager

University of Western Ontario


Conference Director

Brittany Gawley

Manger, Student Leadership and Learning

McMaster University


Corporate Partner Director

Brent Rohrer

Residence Manager

McMaster University


Membership Engagement Director

Jessica Brain

Residence Life Manager

University of Guelph


Professional Development Director

Sunita Karir

College Residence Life Coordinator

Trent University


Mid-Level Member At Large

Jennifer Ashenden

Assistant Director-Residence Life

University of Western Ontario


Member at Large

Beth Spilchuk

Building Services Coordinator

University of Toronto at Mississauga Department of Student Housing & Residence Life


Association Manager

Carol Ford



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