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The OACUHO Board of Directors is committed to directing resources and energy toward addressing racial injustices as it intersects with our members, stakeholders, and the students we serve.  Our approach to this work is intersectional, intentional, and directed. Our collective focus is on reducing the oppression of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) communities at the intersections of their identities - with the recognition that all oppressions are linked and that the work is ongoing.   

The Strategic Imperative for Anti-Racism and Indigenous Sovereignty (SIARIS) Advisory Committee is designed to provide support, accountability, and measurability to particular elements of the 2020-23 OACUHO Strategic Plan. The committee will act an advisory body to the President of OACUHO and co-chaired by Dorcas Mensah & Rachel Deborah Cabunoc.  

Through the lens of equity and racial justice, this Imperative is a call to action regarding the key strategies of education, knowledge management, and membership engagement contained in the Strategic Plan with the distinct purpose of moving from words to action. To begin the committee will be tasked with the following goals:  

  • To embed a sustainable approach to anti-oppressive practices within OACUHO’s 2020-23 Strategic Plan focused on equity, racial justice, and Indigenous sovereignty; 
  • Allyship, education,and leadership development; 
  • To define a distinct set of calls to action informed by membership consultations organized by level of membership. 

Throughout this process, we’ve also sought to gather ongoing feedback and ideas via an open form on the OACUHO website where members have contributed ongoing feedback and thoughts about what they would like to see represented in this work moving forward. Members are encouraged to continue to use this form as an open space to share their own thoughts as it relates to the Strategic Imperative on Anti-Racism and Indigenous Sovereignty.  

We are looking for passionate, dedicated and available individuals to serve on this committee, specifically those who: 

  • Can bring expertise informed by lived experiences, past and present, to inform decisions that result in positivechange; 
  • Have a passion for promoting equity, diversity,and inclusion; 
  • Are actively involved in the OACUHO BIPOC networkis a benefit. 

The intended composition of this advisory committee will be made up of those who are impacted by this work, and our aim is that majority of the members identify as non-white, mixed or Indigenous. There will be a need for those with privileged voices to contribute to this work and we invite applications from all who are interested. We will continue to work with the Association on this strategic imperative and there will be future opportunities to contribute and have your voice heard. 

If you would like to be considered for this important work, please email siaris@oacuho.com by July 30, 2021 with a brief description of why you would like to take part, what you hope to achieve and how you will contribute to the committee.   

Thank you for your support. 

Rachel Cabunoc & Dorcas Mensah
Co-Chairs - Strategic Imperative for Anti-Racism and Indigenous Sovereignty