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The OACUHO Board relies on institutions within the membership to host learning experiences for our membership.  We would not be able to serve our association as fully without the support of host institutions stepping up to lead learning experiences.  Thank you for your continued support giving back to the membership. 

Our Conference Director is eager to accept bids for future learning experiences, and if your institution is interested in learning more, please review the Learning Experience Bid Guidelines document below.  This will outline information required by the board to express your interest and rough plans for the learning experience you wish to host. 

Once selected as a host, the Conference Director is your liaison with the board.  Offering guidance and support in your planning process.  Particularly assisting with budget, logistics and sponsorship. 

The Board has also created a compendium of resources for host institutions to alleviate some of the heavy lifting of hosting a learning experience. 

We are currently looking for hosts for the following events:

  • Residence Life Conference, 2024
  • Residence Life Conference, 2025
  • Spring Conference, 2026
  • Residence Life Conference, 2026
  • Fall Conference, 2027
  • Residence Life Conference, 2027
  • Fall Conference, 2028
  • Residence Life Conference, 2028
  • Spring Conference, 2028

OACUHO Learning Experienced Bid Guidelines document


To learn more, please email our Conference Director to set up a time to connect.